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Having none of your Lion bullshit today.

Having none of your Lion bullshit today.

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im not in that fandom but i know a golden post when i see one

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History told by Tumblr 

Tumblrs finest lol

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You finger yourself??? Disgusting. Those fingers should be turning pages of the holy bible

gotta get em wet before you turn the pages tho


this is going to be the text post that sends me straight to hell isnt it

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Prince William & Kate Middleton on their graudation day at St Andrew’s University (2005).

Prince William & Kate Middleton on their graudation day at St Andrew’s University (2005).

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Somewhere on planet earth

Right now

At this moment



Riding dick

Shout out to the them

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Saving Face (2012), acid attacks on women in Pakistan

Meanwhile, in America, feminists are complaining about how dress codes are oppressive.

You idiots have never experienced oppression, and pray you never do, because this is what it looks like.

As a South Asian American feminist, let me remind everyone that oppression is not a competition.

Just because we fight one type of sexism doesn’t mean we don’t care about other instances of sexism that don’t affect us directly in our day to day lives.

My heart goes out to this woman and the hundreds of other victims like her. I want to educate people about these kinds of incidents. I support organizations that help women like this.

You may think that dress code issues are trivial, but they are related to a larger issue of women’s bodily autonomy, which affects women’s health and safety.

So please, let’s try to bring awareness and bring about change instead of insulting entire groups of people because they are facing issues that are less scary than the one presented.

oppression is not a competition

thank you so much for this wording

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Insane case of mistaken identity: Woman arrested, told she’s actually dead, jailed anyway



A 42-year-old St. Louis woman filed a federal civil suit against not only local police, but court personnel for arresting her and putting her in jail even after realizing that the actual person they were looking for was dead, Courthouse News reported.

Shannon Renee McNeal’s lawsuit argues that she was arrested in front of her children in August 2009 on a warrant for felony drug possession charges that was actually meant for Shannon Raquel McNeal, who had been killed three months before the warrant was approved. Shannon Renee McNeal was subsequently jailed on a $20,000 bond despite her fingerprints not matching those of the dead suspect, who was also 13 years younger than her.

“The booking officer acknowledged that plaintiff’s fingerprints did not match but plaintiff was told that she would have to have [police] sort it out since they were the entity that issued the warrant for her arrest,” the suit stated.

A county clerk also allegedly confirmed the officer’s mistake, but Shannon Renee McNeal was still transferred to the city’s department of corrections and assigned a caseworker. After the caseworker also confirmed she was not the suspect, McNeal was allegedly told to retain her own attorney — which she could not afford — or notify prosecutors herself.

The suit states that McNeal was kept in jail for two days despite the multiple confirmations of her innocence, during which time she was sprayed with pesticides that burned her stomach and back, before being released on the orders of Circuit Judge Thomas Frawley.

McNeal also argues that she lost her job on account of the mistake, and that the felony charge is still attributed to her on some public databases despite her paying to expunge it from her criminal record. The suit calls for authorities to “develop and implement adequate training programs for its officers and employees about citizen’s rights under the Fourth Amendment” and seeks punitive damages for both violating her rights under that amendment and for false arrest and imprisonment.

The case was first brought to light by a St. Louis Post-Dispatch report last year showing that McNeal was one of about 100 people who spent at least 2,000 days in jail after police mistakenly arrested them due to clerical errors. In McNeal’s case, a clerk identified her under the wrong name two years before her arrest while setting up authorities’ file on Shannon Raquel McNeal.



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"My first love
was some insignificant boy
when it should have been

Michelle K. First Love.  (via tealosophic)

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